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Please donate to Shannon

x-posted from shannonswishes

Just a heads up to those of you who only check in during the workweek that Shannon's website is up and running at  www.getwellshannon.com.  Blake has done a really excellent job with the site to help everyone stay informed and connected.  There, you can post more wishes, cross-post entries from this community, post photos, get status reports on Shannon's progress, and most importantly, make donations to help offset her medical costs.

To give you an idea of Shannon's need here: The bill for ICU care is $10,000 a day.  After insurance, Shannon and her family are responsible for 20% of those costs, or $2,000 a day.  I imagine that medicine, CAT scans, and other procedures only add to the bill.  So please give generously, give what you can.  If you can't make a financial contribution of your own, you might consider dedicating an upcoming feature you have to Shannon and either passing the hat/donating your earnings from the feature.  Or, a group of you might consider doing a benefit reading, race, or other kind of fundraising project.  No donation of money or time is too small to make a difference.

Thanks, guys, for your continuing support of Shannon in her time of need.

New community for Shannon Leigh

Hi everybody,
I wanted to let you know that I've started a LJ community for Shannon Leigh, her friends, and her family called shannonswishes.  There, you can make posts of well-wishing, news, reflections, and special memories you have of our favorite spitfire poet/songstress/warrior.  Membership is open to all who wish to send thoughts and prayers for her, and it is my hope that the journal can serve as an archive of good vibes for her and her family when they most need it.  

If you've posted something in your own journal about Shanon recently, please cross-post it in this community.  You can also join the communuty and add shannonswishesto your friends list to hear others' thoughts and receive updates about her condition as they surface.

One caveat: This community is public, so please keep that in mind when posting.  Thanks, and let the healing thoughts flow in!

Please circulate notice of this community widely to Shannon's friends and slam family.


Also, I would love to have the help of a few people to help moderate the community.  If you are interested, please comment below.  Thanks!

Spring Submissions

Well, it's time for the spring push of submissions.  This week, I sent poems to:

The Missouri Review
Ninth Letter 

I also tried to submit to Swink Online, but their website just went down--hopefully not permenantly.

I got my annual rejection from CALYX a couple of weeks ago.  Report time: 4 months, which is about average for them.

I also just got an announcement that Kathleen Graber won next year's Amy Lowell Poetry Travelling Scholarship.  It's uber-competitive, and I enter every year because it's free to enter and hey, who wouldn't like a funded year to write outside of the U.S.?

I hope your submissions are going swimmingly.  If you haven't submitted yet this year, consider this post my foot applied to your butt in motivation!

Welcome. Doctortina is friends-only.

Doctortina is friends-only.

Hello, and thanks for stopping by.  For the most part, my journal is friends-only.
My friends policy: I usually add friends I know in real-life, who are recommended to me
by other friends, or whom I get to know in other communities.
I usually do not add people to my friends list if I don't know who they are.
I also friend and de-friend at will, mostly for content, 
and I don't mind when others do the same with me.